S&P Global Market Intelligence Launches Integrated Bank Scorecard Tool, Now Combined with SNL Data

The latest credit assessment tool provides both quantitative and qualitative risk factors on bank exposures

Nov 07, 2016 / 09:00 AM
New York, NY

S&P Global Market Intelligence, a division of S&P Global (NYSE: SPGI) offering global multi-asset class data solutions, market research, and portfolio analytics to global investors, today announced it has launched Bank Scorecard that is now integrated with SNL data  to score the credit risk of banks.

The Bank Scorecard utilizes SNL bank data and combines key quantitative indicators, while also taking into account forward-thinking qualitative factors, converging trends and relationships between key drivers. The tool evaluates the risk position or adequacy of a bank’s risk framework through a process that considers a multitude of risk factors, weightings, benchmarks, and scoring algorithms. Moreover, the Scorecard delivers a comprehensive assessment of creditworthiness including the following dimensions of risk: 1) Business Position; 2) Capital and Earnings; 3) Risk Position; and 4) Funding and Liquidity.

 “A key limitation for most risk assessment models is the strictly quantitative data. The Bank Scorecard complements the quantitative risk factors with the forward-looking nature of qualitative assessments, which when combined with the financial ratios leads to an outcome highly predictive of default risk. The natural synergy between SNL data and its broad and deep coverage of banks will help to identify early warning signs of accelerating bank counterparty risk, and the overall creditworthiness of your bank exposures,” said Bob Durante, Senior Director and Analytical Team Leader at S&P Global Market Intelligence Risk Services.

The Scorecard is broadly based on S&P Global Ratings’ criteria and further supported by 35 years of historical default data. The offering also undergoes a rigorous development and annual maintenance process that helps meet evolving regulatory requirements.

For a video recap of the Bank Scorecard featuring Bob Durant, please click here.

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