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Risk Insight Video & Blog Series: Credit Risk Assessment Using Bank Scorecards

We are pleased to announce that the S&P Global Market Intelligence Bank Scorecard is now combined with the power of SNL data. Next month, my colleagues and I will be hosting a video “mini-webinar” that will demonstrate how this new tool can be an essential resource for your bank credit analysis.

Watch Bob Durante’s 2 minute video version of this blog.

Bob's Video on Credit Risk Assessment Using Bank Scorecards

There is a natural synergy behind the combination of SNL data, with its broad and deep coverage of banks – approximately 26,000 banks (as of August 2016) across all regions, including listed, non-listed and subsidiary banks – and our Bank Credit Assessment Scorecard, with its ability to evaluate the risk position or adequacy of a bank’s risk framework through a process that considers a multitude of risk factors, weightings, benchmarks, and scoring algorithms.

In today’s complex credit markets, it is essential to have a tool that helps you confidently and consistently assess your risk, but it is also important to have a solution that makes it easy, fast, and convenient. Key features include the ability to automate the spreading of financial ratio data using the SNL Excel Add-in tool, a useful scoring convenience for clients. The transparent framework allows for replicability of credit scoring banks -- analyst-to-analyst and year-to-year.

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In our upcoming video webinar, we will conduct a case study that highlights how the valuable combination of SNL data and the S&P Global Market Intelligence Scorecard can be integrated into your credit scoring workflow, help you identify early warning signs of accelerating bank counterparty risk, and make it easier to assess the overall creditworthiness of your bank exposures.

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We hope you enjoyed the June 2016 installment of the Risk Insight Monthly Video & Blog Series! Check back here each month to read the latest Risk Insight blog and watch the video.

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